my immortal


Does this gothic site layout make it awkward to read? Well heres some downloads!

Here is the entire story in word document form (nice and printable):

my immortal.doc

The .doc is the copy from this site only and contains all authors notes etc and I'm reasonably sure its the original unedited version. It contains all 44 chapters including the 'hacked' chapter that the hacker made when Tara's account was hijacked. 

 I'll upload some alternative file types .pdf etc which is more mac friendly etc at some point.

This is the best dramatic reading EVER

EDIT: No longer hosting mp3 due to bandwidth, but heres the same reading on youtube!:

It was on youtube for a good while but got randomily removed so its here now in mp3 form. Make no doubts about it, there is just no dramatic reading of My Immortal anyway near as good as this one. I know theres a million of them out there now but this was one the first and by far still the best. EDIT: Thanks to everyone who reuploaded it to youtube! I linked the first one I found. I would love to keep the mp3 up but not enough bandwidth but rest assured, that youtube video is the exact same reading.

If that link for whatever reason doesn't work, there is another copy here too:

(I know I had the My Immortal novel on here but its back on sale so I removed it. I don't agree at all that anyone should be selling My Immortal, especially if they had no contribution to writing it and seeing as its Tara Gilesbie's property which she was more than happy to give away free but seeing as I was hosting a file that I didn't create, I removed it. If you wish to buy this novel its on EDIT: its been 2 years since then so doubt it still is.