my immortal

What Happened to My Immortal?

Due to the millions of people giving incorrect information buzzing around the Internet, I wish to set the record straight about what happened to the story.

My Immortal was submitted and hosted on some point in 2006 and achieved massive popularity. Fanfiction for some unknown reason went on a campaign of deleting various stories from their website in late 2008 and this process appears to still be continuing. My Immortal and the many My Immortal inspired stories (such as Imma Wiserd) were deleted. To repeat a point it is at the moment (december 4th 2008) unknown to why fanfiction has deleted these stories. Some these stories were re-submitted on (sometimes by their original author) and the vast majority were deleted again.

Shortly before My Immortal's deletion, 'My Immortal 2' was released by someone claiming to be Tara Gilesbie. This was later revealed to be someone posing as Tara who then claimed to be a hacker in control of the account, which was also bullcrap. My Immortal 2 was not written by Tara Gilesbie and hence is not part of the official My Immortal story but if you find a copy, I'm sure its still a good lolz. Also you may hear stories of 'Tara's boyfriend' these stories apply to the same person who was behind My Immortal 2. As of the moment, Tara Gilesbie has not made any new parts to the story since July 2007 and is not expected to create anymore.

This is all the information that is verifiable. If you know why Fanfiction deleted My Immortal and can verify it/have evidence etc then please make that information public.

 Theories to why Fanfiction deleted My Immortal:

1. Fanfiction are preps

2. Fanfiction deleted it due to 'inappropriate content' (such as sex scenes or copyright enfringement)

3. Fanfiction could not bear to look at such awful abuse of the English language anymore

4. Fanfiction just wanted to spoil our lulz.

5. So many Preps reported it (which links back to point 2 and 1)

 Either way, be sure to sign the petition to get My Immortal back on fanfiction:

Until then, this site ensures Fanfiction cannot delete this great piece of work from das interwebz.