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March 11

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Auto-generated YouTube captionswelcome back i'm jack lepiers and today we're going to be continuing reading my immortal widely panned as the worst fan fiction ever written for those of you who may have missed the first sections we have them still on the youtube channel it's well for lack of a better term a fan fiction about hogwarts in which just about everyone is now a vampire and it's dripping with emo references to the early 2000s so here we are picking up with chapter 16. author's note you know what okay set up prove with two o's of course to me your nut preps raven you suck you duck and bish give me back my duckish see you're supposed to rid this as uh established earlier anytime i laugh i will be drinking raven wtf you bish you're supposed to dodis btw fangs to brittany56554 to tekken magepanis we ran happily to hogsmeade there we saw the stage where gc good charlotte of course had played we ran in happily mcr were there playing no helena helena i think it's helena i was so ducking happy gerard looked even sexier than he did in the pictures even draco thought so i could totally see him getting an erection but it didn't matter because i knew that we were the only true ones for each other one word i was wearing a black leather mini dress and black leather platinum boots with red ripped fishnets draco was wearing a black baggy mcr t-shirt and black baggy pants anyway we started moshing to helena we frenched we ran up to the front of the band to stage dive suddenly gerard pulled off his mask not okay jarrar that's not safe so did the others we gasped it wasn't them at all it was dot dot comma dot dot dot dot dot dot volsomort and to death dealers wtf draco i'm not going to a concert with you i shouted angrily not after what happened to me last time even if it's mcr you know how much i lick them cheers what because we you know he gadgeted uncomfortably with an eye because guys don't like to talk about you know what yeah cause we you know i yielded in an angry voice we won't do that again draco promised this time we're going with an escort omfgwtf backslash are you giving into the mainstream i asked so i guess you're a prep or a christina or what now no he muttered loudly are you becoming a prep or what i shoot it angrily enaby forgot this had to be in that ebony enemy i'm not please come with me he fell down to his knees and started singing to world is black by gc to me good charlotte of course i was flattened because that's not even a single he had memorized the lurks just for me okay then i guess i will have to i said and then we frenched for a while and i went up to my room this is so bad bloody mary was standing there hajime mashita girl she said she specs japanese so do i det minced how do you do in japanese btw willow that ducking poser got expoled she failed all her classes and she skipped math author's note raven you duck and suck duck you serves that duck and right i laughed angrily well anyway where did voldemort go in all of this anyway we where felling all depressed we watched some gothic movies like das nightmare before xmas maybe willow will die too kawaii bloody mare shook her head energetically oh yeah oh have a confession after she got expolled i murdered her and then lupin did it with her because he's a necrophilac oh my god kawaii i commented happily we talked to each other in silence for the rest of the movie i have not read this before i have never made it this far holy duck oh hey btw i'm going to a concert with draco tonight in hogsmeade with mcr i said i need to wear like the hot set outfit eva eva all caps bloody mary knotted in spongebob upper and lower case energetically oh mfg totally let's go shopping in hot topic right i asked already getting out my special hot topic loyalty card no my head snaped up what my head spin i could not believe it bloody mary are you a prep no no she laughed i found some cool gothic stores near hogwarts that's all told you about them i asked sure it would be draco or diabolo or vampire don't even say that them to me or me vampire by the way is harry potter i think bloody marries hermione i think diablo might be ron weasley i don't i don't remember they all turned into vamp vampires or whatever so who told you about them dumbly door she said let me just call our brahms o-m-f-f-g dumbly door i asked quietly even though it's small camps yeah i saw the map for hogsmeade on his desk she told me come on let's go we were going in a few punk goth stores especially for the concerts in hogsmeade the salesperson was like omg hotter than gerard except not because that's impossible and he gave me a few dresses we had these only for the real goths the real goths me and bloody mary asked yeah you wouldn't believe how many posers there are in this town man yesterday lupin and snap tried to buy a gothic camera pouch he shook his head i didn't even know they had a camera omfg no they're going to spy on me again i cried running out of the changing room wearing a long black dress with lots of red tulie coming out and a very low cut with a huge slit oh my satan you have to buy that outfit the salesperson said yeah it looks totally hot says bloody mary you know what i'm going to give it to you free because you look really hot in that outfit hey are you going to be at the concert tonight he asked yeah i am actually i looked back at him hey btw my name's ebondi darkness dementia tara way what's yours oh because she changed it away from raven because she's mad at her friend raven so it's ebony darkness dementia taraway no longer raven way what's yours tom rid he said and ran a hand through his black dyed hair maybe i'll see you there tonight yeah i don't think so because i am going there with my bf draco you sick perv i yelled angrily but before he could beg me to go with him hargrid threw flew in on his black broom looking word omfg ebondi you need ought get back into the castle now end of chapter 16. chapter 17 author's note i said stop fleming destroyed this story if you're a prep then do not re-read it you can tell whether you're a prep or not by mcquiz it's on my home page if you're not den you rock if you are den duke off piss willow isn't ps piez willow isn't really a prep raven please do this i'll promise to give you back your posture chapter 17. author's note i said step fleming destroyo if you're a prep then didn't read it read it you can tell whether you're a prep or not by mcquiz it's on mahm page if you're not den you rock if you are den duke off piez piez willow isn't really a prep raven plz do dis all promise to give you back your posture chapter 17. tom riddle gave us some clothes and stuff for free he said he would help us with makeup if he wanted because he was really into fashion and stuff he's bisexual hair grid kept shooting at us too that's poor spelling come back to hogwarts hair grit i shouted angrily duck off you ducking with a j in there bastard well anyway willow came hair grid went away angrily hey bish you look kawaii she said yeah but not as kawaii as you i answered sadly because willow's really pretty and everything she was wearing a short black corset thingy with blood red lace on it and a black blood red mini skirt leather fishnets and black pointy boots that showed off how pale she was she had a really nice body with big bobs and everything so are you going to the concert with draco she asked yeah i said happily i'm gone with diabolo she answered happily well anyway draco and diablo came they were both looking extremely hot and sexy and you could tell they thought we were ought to diablo was wearing a black t-shirt that said 666 on it he was wearing tons of makeup just like marilyn manson draco was wearing black leather pants a goth gothic wow they actually spell gothic right gothic black gc good charlotte of course t-shirt and black vans he got from de warped the tower tower you know that that's probably what the warped tour would be in harry potter world oh bad spelling bloody mart was going to to concert with dracula dracola used to be called naval but it turned out that he was kidnapped at birth and his real family were vampires so there's your neville longbottom they died in in a car crash maybe naval converted to satanism and he went goth he was in slytherin now he was wearing a black worked t-shirt black jeans and shoes and black hair with red streaks in it we call him dracula now well anyway we all went to draco's black mercy bends get it cause we're guffic oh my god that his dad lucian gave him we did drugs draco and i made out we made fun of those stupid ducking preps perps perhaps perhaps we got there soon i gasped i gapped gerard was the sexiest guy ever he locked even sexier than he did in picks he had long raven black hair and piercing blue eyes he was really skinny and he had an amazing ethnic voice i don't know that that's [Music] we must to helena and some other songs some other songs otter songs i mean it's mcr they are otter suddenly gerard pulled off his mask so did the other members i gasped it wasn't gerard at all it was an ugly preppy man with no nose and red eyes everyone ran away but me and draco draco and i came it was vlodamort and the death dealers you moronic idiots he shooted angstly enemy i told you to kill vampire thou have failed and now i shall kill thou and draco no no please we begged sadly but then he took out his knife who needs an elder wand when you've got a wife suddenly a gothic old man flew in on his broomstick he had lung black hair and a long black bread he was wearing a black robe that said afrofeed on the back an old man is wearing apple an avril lavigne cloak he shattered a spell and vladimor ran away it was lots of dots dumbly door end of chapter 17 thank god chapter 18 author's note i said stop flaming if you do then you're a duck in prep thanks to raven ford to help and stuff you rock are okay of course and you're not a prep fangs from a suitor p.s to utter eason dumbledore dumbbell door swore is because he trimmed to be gothic so dir chapter 18 i woke up the next day in my coffin how i feel like we missed some important exposition there some important scenes i walked out of it and put on some black eyeliner black eyeshadow blood bed lipstick and a black really low cut leather dress that was all ripped and in stripes so you could see my belly i was wearing a skull belly ring with black and red diamonds inside it the night before draco and i went back to the skull get it skull cause i'm gothic and i like death dumbbell door chased vladomart away we flew there on our brooms mine was black and the broom stuff was blood red there was lace all over it draco had a black mcr broom we went back to our rooms and we had you know what to a lincoln park song you know that's the most believable thing i've heard in this entire story which is that it only took one song for that to happen teenagers well anyway i went down to the great hall there were alda walls were painted black and the tables were black too but you could feel you could fold see that there was pink pant underneath the black pant and there were pastors of poser bands everywhere like ashley simpson and backstreet boys wtf i shouted going to sit next to bloody mary and willow bloody mary was wearing a black leather mini skirt with a good shrelut t-shirt should have just stuck with gc black fishnets and black pointy boots willow was wearing a long gothic black dress with blood red writing that was all lacy and came up to your thighs and black boots and fishnets vampire dracula and drake okay we all started to talk about who was sexier mikey or gerard way or billy joe armstrong of green day the boys joined in because they were bi those guys are so ducking hot navel was saying as suddenly a gothic old man with a black beard and everything came he was the same one who had chassed away vlodimore yesterday he had normal tanned skin but he was wearing white foundation and he had dyed his hair black dumpledore we all are gasped i i'm sorry i was thrown off they actually spelled dumbledore correctly wtf i shouted angrily i thought he was just wearing that to scare volsemort hello everyone he said happily as you can see i gave the room a makeover what do you think about it everyone from the poser tale table in gryffindor started to cheer well we goths just looked at each other all dis-fusted and shook our heads we couldn't believe what a poser he was bdw you can call me albert he called as we left to our classes what a ducking poser draco shouted angrily as we we too transformation we were holding hands vampire looked really jealous i could see him crying blood in a gothic way get it way like gerard but i didn't say anything i bet he's having a mid-life crisis willow shouted i was so ducking angry end of chapter 18.
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